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Summary of the activities

  • April 2016
    • The processing of the radar data acquired during the Italian measurement campaign is in progress.

  • March 2016
    • many bad weather events have been detected
    • Measurement campaign in force
    • The X-band polarimetric weather radar has been mounted on a two engine turbocharged pushing propeller executive aerial platform.
    • The Italian mesurement campaign is ready to start with basis in the  "Alvaro Leonardi" municipal airport LIAA close to Terni city.

  • January 2016
    • The processing of the Netherland radar data is in progress.

  • December 2015
    • The backup measurement campaign in Italy is now sure
    • one day rain event is detected
    • Measurement campaing in force for one week
    • The DA42 MPP is in Netherland at the International airport of Teuge ready for the fisrt XWALD measurement campaign. 
    • The six months prolungation of the project has been accepted by the JU. The project will end on 30 April 2016

  • November 2015
    • A new subcontrator has been selected for providing the aircraft for the backup measurement session in Italy
    • Integration of the sensor and front nose pod on the DA42 MPP at Diamond facilities in Austria

  • October 2015 
    • A second amendment for a six month project extension and a budget revision for a second backup measuerment session in Italy has been sent to the JU.
    • A new subcontractor has been selected for providing the DIAMOND 42 MPP aircraft. 

  • September 2015 - Unavailability of the specific DIAMOND 42 MPP aircraft by the selected subcontractor causes delay in the project scheduling (ground setup and  measuement campaign in Netherland

  • June 2015 - The four months prolungation of the project has been accepted by the JU. The project will end on 31 October 2015

  • May 2015 - Main component of the X-band polarimetric radar to be installed on the plane nose: metasensing radar front, pan and tilt unit, parabolic dish reflector antenna at X-band with dual linear polarization and The navigation unit by Novatel.